There is a Way to Deposit Credit Funds from Telkomsel Providers, Trusted Online Slot Agents 

The existence of this right online slot agent has made it easier for bettors to carry out gambling activities that are smoother, more comfortable, and safer. That way bettors are able to play gambling games together more freely without the risk of being raided by the police.

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How to Deposit Telkomsel Provider Credit at Trusted Online Slot Agents

The method of depositing funds via Telkomsel’s credit provider is not difficult, you can do it together to comply with the minimum deposit via credit, which is IDR 20,000, completed together with a credit discount fee of 0.85% up to 15% together with the provisions of the machine website. official online slots. So if you make a deposit of IDR 100,000, then the betting capital that you can use is IDR 85,000.

Before carrying out a transaction via credit, you should ask the buyer of the service, especially first. Because the rate provider Telkomsel can change at any time. So you can find out the latest information through the service buyer service. So, once you understand the pulse rate of your Telkomsel provider, you can deposit funds via credit from your cellphone or from credit vendors.

You need to remember that credit fund transactions only apply to deposit transactions. Regarding withdrawing funds you forever do it through a bank account. So that comes from that you are asked to enter the bank account number that you used when you registered as a member. When you want to deposit credit, you also need to enter your active cellphone number so that the transaction can be processed and run smoothly.

Deposit funds via Telkomsel credit provider is also able to take advantage of the USDD * 858 * service. The steps are felt together by opening the dial menu on your cellphone. Then you can type in the number * 858 * the object number of the online slot betting agency * the nominal credit that you will deposit. For example like after that this; * 858 * 081234562345 * 200 #. The number 200 after that shows a nominal value of IDR 200,000 and the multiples apply.

Then you can press Call after that Yes / OK.

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